US-american slate roofing styles


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  • Fig. 1 "Standard American" on a barn in Vermont

  • Fig. 2 "Standard American" in Sandgate (Vermont)

  • Fig. 3 "Staggered Butt" in Berlinsville (Pennsylvania)

  • Fig. 4 "Standard American" with the unique "Unfading Red" Schiefer in Manchester (Vermont)

  • Fig. 5 Inscription on a roof of the time of erection of an (abandoned) house north of Middle Granville (New York State)

  • Fig. 6 Facade in "Diamond" Style in Bangor (Pennsylvania)

  • Fig. 7 "Shallow Bevel" (Danielsville, Pennsylvania)

  • Fig. 8 "Standard American" and "Shallow Bevel" with the striated Chapman slate (Chapman, Pennsylvania)

  • Fig. 9 St. Mary's Church with "Standard American", "Diamond" and Pattern (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

  • Fig. 10 "Standard American" and "Pointed Angles" with "Unfading Red" slate in Granville (New York State)

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