French slate roofing styles


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  • Fig. 1 Cupola with rectangular shingles called "Ronde" and normal rectangular shingles in La Rochelle

  • Fig. 2 KCupola with rectangular shingles called "Ronde" in Brieve de Gilliarde

  • Fig. 3 Rustic slate in Allassac

  • Fig. 4 Roof with mica schist in Lachamp (Central Massif, France)

  • Fig. 5 Roof with mica schist in Pons (Central Massif, France)

  • Fig. 6 Roof with mica schist in Pons - detail of Fig. 5 (Central Massif, France)

  • Fig. 7 Renaze

  • Fig. 8 Fumay (Ardennes, France)

  • Fig. 9 Rectangular slating in Martelange/Martelingen (Ardennes, Belgium)

  • Fig. 10 Facade in Montherme (Ardennes, Belgium)

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