Other activities

All projects were realised at the Geotechnical Institute of the TU Mining Academy Freiberg (Saxony, Germany).


2018 - 2021:
Geotechnical investigation and monitoring of mass movements in the "Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland"

  • establishment of a knowledge database and expert system in the field of georisks

  • establishment of a monitoring- and early warning system in respect to mass movements or rock falls, respectively

  • field investigations of slopes vulnerable to failure and/or crucial for public safety

  • laboratory tests of the rock-mechanical and physical properties as well as petrographical-mineralogical investigations

  • generating geometric models and subsquently material models of the slopes

  • geotechnical safety calculation in respect to a possible failure

  • Partner: Charles University Prague (Czech Republik); Czech and German public authorities and Geological Surveys.


2012 - 2017:
Dissertation "Roofing slate - origin, deposits, properties, standards and mining"

  • origin of slates

  • methods and international standards for the determination of rock properties

  • physical and strength properties of slate with emphasize to the influence of the anisotropy to the properties

  • weathering behaviour

  • slate mining and associated geotechnical (safety) aspects

  • calculation examples for room-pillar design in underground slate mines

  • world-wide slate deposits: geology, properties, application

  • supervisors: Prof.Dr.-Ing. habil. H. Konietzky and Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Heiner Siedel (TU Dresden)


2012 - 2014
Investigation of severely weathered Baroque tombstone for a following in situ consolidation

  • damage mapping in accordance to ICOMOS

  • comprehensive investigations of the material properties before and after the in situ consolidation

  • in situ vacuum consolidation (by Pummer, Austria)

  • numerical simulation of possible crack development due to the consolidation as well as fluid simulation of the consolidant

  • Partner: TU Dresden, HTW Dresden, public authorities of cultural heritage, Atelier Pummer (restorer, Austria).


2009 - 2012
Investigation and documentation of small sized monuments in the Saxonian -Bohemian border area

  • field mapping and documentation of the single monuments

  • investigation of the material properties as well as cultural and historical aspects

  • development of concepts for the restoration of endangered monuments

  • database and GIS and website "Cultural Landscape Saxonia-Bohemia"

  • Partner: Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in st nad Labem (Czech Republik).


2005 - 2007:
Investigation and partial restoration of the monastic water system of the Cistercian Osek Monastery

  • engineering- and hydrogeological investigations

  • Establishment of a GIS

  • investigation about the cause of the visible damages on the buildings

  • historical/abandoned mining

  • investigations about the moisture within the building material

  • definition of further necessary investigations within the field of geoscience and restoration.

  • Partner: Charles University Prague (Czech Republik).

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