The slate deposits in Australia

In Australia, slate is being mined in two locations which are both in South Australia. One location is Mintaro which lies about 150 km north of Adelaide and the slate quarries are situated 2 km west of the village.
The other location is Willunga just south of the city Adelaide. Slate quarrying started in here in about 1838 while in Mintaro it begins around 1851. In both locactions slate is mined for any architectonical purpose except for roofing.

In accordance to the department of energy and mining of South Australia, the quarries at Willunga "...produced almost 30 million roofing shingles and 60 000 t of paving and walling stone from four quarries until their closure in the 1930s". In addition, the Mintaro Slate quarries are one of the oldest continuous quarrying operations in Australia.

The department states that stone for paving and walling applications is produced in quarries at Spalding and at Jones Hill in the northern Flinders Ranges.


Slate district of Adelaide with Mintaro in the north and Willung in the south.

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