Scientific Projects

All projects were realised at the Geotechnical Institute of the TU Mining Academy Freiberg (Saxony, Germany).


since 2009:
„Investigation and documentation of small sized monuments in the Saxonian -Bohemian border area“ (EU-Project Ziel 3/Cíl 3)

  • field mapping and documentation of the single monuments

    • the material used

    • architectonic elements and iconography

    • time of construction

    • state of condition of the single monuments

    • effects of weathering

    • sampling for futher investigations

  • investigation of the material properties as well as cultural and historical aspects

    • mineralogical and chemical composition, fabric, rock-technical parameter

    • cultural and historical importance in the past, present and future

    • comparison of the architectonic styles and materials of the monuments between the different regions

  • development of concepts for the restoration of endangered monuments

    • in case of damaged monuments a concept for the restoration will be defined

    • collaboration between geoscientist and restorer in respect to necessary investigations and applied methods for the restoration

  • database and GIS and website "Cultural Landscape Saxonia-Bohemia"

    • gathering all geoscientifical and cultural-historical data in a database and GIS

    • website, cultural landscape of Saxony and Bohemia in conjunction with the database and a (Web-) GIS


2005 - 2007:
„Investigation and partial restoration of the monastic water system of the Cistercian Osek Monastery (Czech Republic / DBU-project)"

  • engineering- and hydrogeological investigations

  • Establishment of a GIS

  • investigation about the cause of the visible damages on the buildings

  • historical/abandoned mining

  • investigations about the moisture within the building material

  • definition of further necessary investigations within the field of geoscience and restoration.


since 2002:
"Geological investigations of description of world-wide roofing slate deposits" 

  • deposits and rock properties

  • geological setting of the actual deposit

  • methods of investigations for the determination of rock properties

  • architectonical usage


„Roofing Slate (financed by the German Ministry for Economy)":

  • quantification of the fabric by means of image analysis

  • correlation fabric - mineralogy - bending strength

  • provenience-analysis of slates


1997 - 1998:
„Wildenfelser Zwischengebirge (DFG-Project)“:

  • investigation of the structural setting, fabric and petrography

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