Welcome to the roofing slate dictionary!

This pages offer a broad information about (roofing-) slate for geologists, craftsmen, dealer and the 'interested layman'. The explanations give an approach to the different aspects of slate. Because the pages are also thought to be for non-professional geologists certain statements or explanations were simplified for the sake of understanding so that they appear not really exact or precise to professionals.


Information about the slate geology are common knowledge or results of several diploma thesises and a scientific project which were carried out at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology (Saxony, Germany). Slate should not be considered isolated as a pure rock but also in relation to its application and material standards. Thus, descriptions and pictures about German roofing styles which are unique throughout the world can be found.


Knowledge is always subject to change and therefore, any suggestion or improvement is highly welcomed. Especially the information about the slate deposits are often a result of a literary research so that any hint is useful. This pages are mainly for educational purpose but if necessary I can give information about slate suppliers or slate roofers, respectively.


Jörn Wichert




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