Slate deposits of Europe

The European slate deposits are mainly situated in the Variscan orogen within Early Paleozoic rock units. The Table gives a geographic and stratigraphic overview about the most important slate deposits, which will be described more detailed within the different menues.


Location Stratigraphy
Portougal: Porto/Valongo Ordovician
A Terra Cha Lower Cambrian ("Candana Series")
Monte Rande, Los Oscos, Alto Bierzo, El Caurel Middle Ordovician ("Luarca Formation")
Valdeorras, La Cabrera Middle- to Upper Ordovician
("Luarca Formation"/"ArgŁeira Formation"/
"Rozadais Formation")
Aliste Middle- to Upper Ordovician (?)
Bernardos Upper Precambrium to Lower Cambrian (phyllites)
Villar del Rey Lower Ordovician to Middle Devonian
Anger Middle Ordovician ("schistes de Anger")
Maël Carhaix Lower Carboniferous (Kulm, "Formation des schistes de Châteaulin")
Devonian ("Tredorn slates")
Martelange (Luxem., Belgium) Lower Devonian
HunsrŁck Lower Devonian
Eifel (Mosel) Lower Devonian ("Mayener Schieferfolgen")
Sauerland Middle Devonian ("Fredeburger beds", "Asten beds", "Flinz beds")
Thuringia Lower Carboniferous ("Lehestener Schichten-Kulm")
Saxony Lower-Ordovician
Nizny Jesinek Upper-Devonian to Lower Carboniferous (Andelskohorkse- ,Moravske- und Hradecke beds)

The most important Variscan slate deposits and their stratigraphic position.

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