About me

I finished my university studies of geology at the Technical University Mining Academy Freiberg (Germany, Saxony) in 1997 with a diploma thesis about spanish (roofing-) slates. This work included the geological setting of the different quarries and the properties (mineralogy and fabric) of their slates.


After an intermediate work about tectonics questions in Saxony, I began to work as a geologist for the slate company of Johann & Backes until 2010, including consultations but also managing and realising the material tests for teh assessment of the rock quality the company trades with.


Since my professional work I got deeper into the subject of slate, regarding the architectonical and traditional usage and, of course, geological questions. I started a project at the TU Mining Academy Freiberg in which I wanted to figure out whether the image analysis is a convenient and practical tool for the investigation of the fabric/mineralogy of slate.

This idea and realization was extended by the description of the most important world-wide slate deposits which is by far not finished yet.

Other scientific projects of me can you find here.

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